Golcar, Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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West Scammonden 1841 Census

Census fields from left to right are:


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Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Broadbent Freehold - Wortshill Lane - Rented Property:
Worts Hill         Armitage John    44 Tailor
Worts Hill         Armitage Sarah   34  
Worts Hill         Armitage Thomas 7  
Worts Hill         Armitage William 9  
Worts Hill         Armitage Ann     1  
Forest              Aspinal Ann 28
Forest              Aspinal Fielding 34 Stone Delver
Forest              Aspinal Isiah 2 
O'cot                Bailey Betty 23 
O'cot                Bailey Elizabeth 13 
O'cot                Bailey Elizabeth 50
O'cot                Bailey James 70 
O'cot                Bailey Samuel 7
O'cot                Bailey Sarah 9m
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Woodhouse    Bamford Charles 3m
New House     Bamford Hannah 8
Woodhouse    Bamford Hannah 23
Woodhouse    Bamford Isaac 35 Fancy Weaver
New House     Bamford Jane 2m
New House     Bamford Joseph 40
New House     Bamford Marey 16
New House     Bamford Marey 40
New House     Bamford Marey 78 
New House     Bamford Martha 13
New House     Bamford Sarah 18
Woodhouse    Bamford Thomas 1
Toll House       Bamforth Mary 39
Toll House       Bamforth William 40 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
O'cot                Barret Abigal 20
O'cot                Barret Charlotte 55
O'cot                Barret Ephream 5m
New Hey          Barret Hannah 55
New Hey          Barret John 25
New Hey          Barret John 55
O'cot                 Barret Pricila 16
O'cot                 Barret Robert 40 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead          Barrit Alice 2
Hanhead          Barrit Elizabeth 1
Hanhead          Barrit John 37 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead          Barrit Marey 29
Hanhead          Barrit Ruth 4
Hanhead          Barrit William 7
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Broadlea          Berry Alise 19
White Lee        Berry Ann 7
Green Slacks  Berry Benjamin 3
Broadlea          Berry Benjamin 16
Broadlea          Berry Benjamin 47 Fancy Weaver
White Lee        Berry Betty 36
Wall Nook        Berry Elizabeth 2
Broadlea          Berry Elizabeth 27
Upper Royal George Pub.Berry Ellen Walker 5
White Lee        Berry Hannah 10
Wall Nook        Berry Hannah 13
Wall Nook        Berry Hannah 41
Green Slacks  Berry Henry 5
Broadlea         Berry Henry 23
Green Slacks  Berry James 8
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
White Lee                Berry John 1 
Wall Nook               Berry John 17
Lower Top Of Thil   Berry John 50 Fancy Weaver
Scar Bottom            Berry Joseph 2
Upper Top Of Thil    Berry Joseph 2
Wall Nook                Berry Joseph 5
Broadlea          Berry Joseph 25
Wall Nook        Berry Joseph 45 Fancy Weaver
Broadlea          Berry Martha 12
Green Slacks   Berry Martha 35
Broadlea          Berry Mary 21 
Upper Top Of Thil    Berry Mary 26
Lower Top Of Thil   Berry Mary 55
Scar Bottom     Berry Sarah 5
Broadlea          Berry Sarah Ann 14
Wall Nook        Berry Sophiah 19
Upper Royal George Pub.   Berry Susey 35
White Lee                              Berry Thomas 12
Upper Royal George Pub.   Berry Walker 11
Wall Nook        Berry William 7
White Lee        Berry William 30 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Wormald House    Bottomley Alice 9
Hudson Croft         Bottomley Alise 2
O'cot                     Bottomley Amos 4
Wormald House    Bottomley Ann 14
Croft House          Bottomley Ann 25
Acre Head            Bottomley David 6
Lower Top Of Thil    Bottomley Elizabeth 1
Wormald House    Bottomley Ellen 12
Wormald House    Bottomley Grace 2
Lane Head            Bottomley Hannah 2m
Lower Top Of Thil    Bottomley Hannah 7
Acre Head               Bottomley Hannah 13
Lane Head              Bottomley Hannah 28
Acre Head              Bottomley Hannah 35
Wormald House      Bottomley James 10
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
O'cot                      Bottomley John 1
Lower Top Of Thil   Bottomley John 3
Wormald House     Bottomley John 8
Wormald House     Bottomley John 36 Fancy Weaver
Croft House           Bottomley Jonathan 11m
Acre Head             Bottomley Levi 15
Lane Head            Bottomley Levi 33 Fancy Weaver
Croft House          Bottomley Marey 2
Croft House          Bottomley Martha 4
O'cot                    Bottomley Martha 7
Lane Head           Bottomley Mary 5
Lower Top Of Thil     Bottomley Mary 5
Wormald House        Bottomley Mary 6
Lower Top Of Thil     Bottomley Mary 25
O'cot                    Bottomley Mary 30 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Wormald House   Bottomley Mary 35
Acre Head            Bottomley Matilda 11
Acre Head            Bottomley Nathan 2
Acre Head            Bottomley Nathan 40 Fancy Weaver
Acre Head            Bottomley Thomas 8
Lower Top Of Thil     Bottomley Thomas 30 Fancy Weaver
Wormald House        Bottomley Violet 7wks
Lane Head                Bottomley William 6
Croft House              Bottomley William 25 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Woodhouse              Broadley (Broadbent) Alice 30 
Woodhouse              Broadley (Broadbent) Edward 30 Shoe/Black Smith
Croft House              Buckley Edmond 13
Croft House              Buckley John 16
Croft House              Buckley John 50 Fancy Weaver
Croft House              Buckley Marey 44
Croft House              Buckley Richard 4
Acre Head                Chadwick James 2
Acre Head                Chadwick Mary Ann 21
Hanhead                   Chorlton Fanny 1
Hanhead                   Chorlton Hannah 34
Hanhead                   Chorlton Henry 8
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                   Chorlton James 12
Hanhead                   Chorlton John 10
Hanhead                   Chorlton John 40 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                   Chorlton Joseph 6
Hanhead                   Chorlton Marey Ann 15 
Hanhead                   Chorlton William 3
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg Emma 8
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg James 2
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg John 30
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg John 70
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg Leah 30 (Wife of James Broadbent.B.1820.Married 1841.)
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg Mary 65
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg Marey Ann
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg William 4
Hey (Shoulder of Mutton Inn)    Clegg William 35 Publican
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hardenby    Crabtree Abraham 60 Woollen Cloth Weaver
Hardenby    Crabtree Allen 2
Hardenby    Crabtree Ann 22
Hardenby    Crabtree Ann 27
Wood          Crabtree Ann 35
Hardenby     Crabtree Benjamin 13
Bank            Crabtree Betty 56
Woodhouse Crabtree Booth 30 Fancy Weaver
Hardenby     Crabtree Charlotte 60
Bank            Crabtree Elizabeth 15
Hardenby     Crabtree Elizabeth 26
Worts Hill     Crabtree Ellen 2
Wood           Crabtree George 2
Edgerton      Crabtree George 71 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Bank            Crabtree Hannah 4m
Wood           Crabtree Hannah 5
Worts Hill     Crabtree Hannah 6
Bank            Crabtree Hannah 24
Hardenby     Crabtree Harriet 20
Hardenby     Crabtree John 25
Old House Mill   Crabtree John 49 Woollen Cloth Manf.
Hardenby          Crabtree Joseph 28
Worts Hill          Crabtree Levi 26
Woodhouse      Crabtree Marey 30
Old House Mill   Crabtree Marey Ann 42
Worts Hill          Crabtree Marth 25
Old House         Crabtree Mary 20
Bank                 Crabtree Mary 27
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Old House         Crabtree Mary Ann 6m
Old House         Crabtree Paul 21 Wool Carder
Wood                Crabtree Robert 40 Woollen Slubber
Bank                  Crabtree Robert 66 Fancy Weaver
Bank                  Crabtree Rose 22
Edgerton            Crabtree Sally 65
Bank                  Crabtree Sarah 39
Old House Mill    Crabtree Sarah Ann 18
Hardenby           Crabtree Thomas 37 Cloth Weaver
Bank                  Crabtree Un-named 5m
Broadlea            Crabtree William 68 Fancy Weaver
Low Platt            Crosley Benjamin 20 Fancy Weaver
Hudson Croft      Crosley David 25 Fancy Weaver
Low Platt            Crosley Elizabeth 13
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Low Platt            Crosley Grace 7
Low Platt            Crosley John 4
Low Platt            Crosley Michael 35 Farmer
Hudson Croft      Crosley Priscilla 25
Great Field Head    Crossley Betty 57 Farmer
O'cot                      Crossley Charles 16
O'cote                    Crossley Charlotte 12
Great Field Head    Crossley Edward 5
Lower Top              Crossley Hannah 35
Lower Top              Crossley Henrey 4
O'cot                      Crossley Henry 14
Lower Top              Crossley Humphrey 11
Lower Top              Crossley John 14
Lower Top              Crossley John 64 Farmer
Great Field Head    Crossley Joseph 2
Lower Top              Crossley Joseph 3
Lower Top              Crossley Sarah 15
Great Field Head    Crossley Susey 26
Lower Top              Crossley William 34 Fancy Weaver
O'cot                      Crossley William 55 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                   Dyson Adam 1m
Hay Laith                  Dyson Alice 28
Chapel Hill                Dyson Alice 45
Carr Top                   Dyson Ann 1
Chapel Hill                Dyson Ann 12
O'cot                        Dyson Betty 12
Hey Laithe               Dyson Caroline 4
Broadlea                  Dyson Charlotte 58 Bobbin Winder
Hanhead                  Dyson David 7
Hanhead                  Dyson David 45 Fancy Weaver
Hey Laithe               Dyson Eli 37 Fancy Weaver
Carr Top                  Dyson George 6
Carr Top                  Dyson George 32 Fancy Weaver
Carr Top                  Dyson Hannah 3
Wormald House       Dyson Hannah 5
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Carr Top                  Dyson Hannah 31
Wormald House       Dyson Henry 26 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                  Dyson Hephrim 9
Hey Laithe               Dyson James 10m
Hanhead                  Dyson Jane 2
Hey Laithe               Dyson John 2
Hanhead                  Dyson John 15
Chapel Hill               Dyson John 27
O'cot                       Dyson Joseph 35
Hey Laithe              Dyson Joshua 9
Hey Laithe              Dyson Marey 
Hanhead                 Dyson Marey 18
Carr Top                 Dyson Mary 9
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
O'cot                      Dyson Mary 42
Wormald House     Dyson Mary Ann 1
O'cot                      Dyson Mary Ann 7
White Lee              Dyson Mary Ann 17
Chapel Hill              Dyson Michael 24
Hanhead                Dyson Ruth 40
Carr Top                Dyson Sarah 11
Wormald House     Dyson Sarah 29
Chapel Hill             Dyson Sarah 60 Fancy Weaver
O'cot                     Dyson Selina 2
Wormald House    Dyson Selina 15
Hanhead               Dyson Sofie 5
Hanhead               Dyson Thomas 20 Woollen Slubber
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Old House                  Fairbank Alice 30
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank Dan 1
Old House                  Fairbank Francis 5
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank Hannah 6
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank Hannah 38
Old House                  Fairbank Henry 30 Fancy Weaver
Old House                  Fairbank Joseph 7
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank Sarah 4
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank William 3
Upper Top Of Thil       Fairbank William 38 Publican
Old House                  Fairbank William Henry 1
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
White Lee                  Falcon Hannah 26
White Lee                  Falcon John 67 
White Lee                  Falcon Thomas 71
Clay House                Firth Thomas 24
Woodhouse               Garside James 20 Fancy Weaver
Hall                            Gee Ann 20
Hall                            Gee Benjamin 20 Fancy Weaver
Croft House               Gee Betty 63
Close                         Gee Daniel 30 Fancy Weaver
Edgerton                    Gee Eli 13
Croft House               Gee Hannah 51
Hall                            Gee John 7m
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Croft House               Gee John 11
Edgerton                    Gee John 15 Wool Slubber
Croft House               Gee John 72 Farmer
Croft House               Gee Jonathan 12
Croft House               Gee Joseph 64 Farmer
Croft House               Gee Levi 4
Croft House               Gee Martha 16
Croft House               Gee Merinna 9
Croft House               Gee Sarah 20
Croft House               Gee Susannah 60 Fancy Weaver
Croft House               Gee Susey 18
Croft House               Gee William 6
Croft House               Gee William 23
Royal George            Gill Elizabeth 50
Royal George            Gill William 50 Publican
Hey Croft                   Gledhill Adam 19
Forest                        Gledhill Alan 3
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
New Laith                   Gledhill Alice 4
West Car                    Gledhill Alice 15
Stone Stile                  Gledhill Allen 6
West Car                    Gledhill Ann 7
Lane Side                   Gledhill Ann 8
Hind Hill                       Gledhill Ann 9
West Car                    Gledhill Ann 13
West Car                    Gledhill Ann 14
Hey Croft                    Gledhill Ann 14
West Car                    Gledhill Ann 20
Scarr                          Gledhill Ann 30
New Hey                    Gledhill Betty 38
Intake Hill                   Gledhill Edward 6
Wood                        Gledhill Eli 15
New Laithe                Gledhill Elizabeth 1
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
West Car                  Gledhill Elizabeth 7
Car Top                    Gledhill Elizabeth 9
Hall                           Gledhill Elizabeth 11
Hollin Hey                 Gledhill Elizabeth 13
Stone Stile               Gledhill Emma 3
Hind Hill                    Gledhill George 5
Hollin Hey                 Gledhill George 7
New Laithe               Gledhill Grace 6
Lane Side                 Gledhill Hannah 4
New Hey                   Gledhill Hannah 7
New Laithe               Gledhill Hannah 10
Hall                           Gledhill Hannah 13
West Carr                Gledhill Hannah 17
Hind Hill                    Gledhill Hannah 18
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
West Carr                Gledhill Hannah 18
Stone Stile               Gledhill Hannah 27
Forest                      Gledhill Hannah 30
Hey Croft                 Gledhill Harriat 7
Hind Hill                   Gledhill Harriat 7
Cold Acre                Gledhill Harriet 6
West Carr               Gledhill Henrey 8
Scarr                       Gledhill Henrey 12
Hollin Hey                Gledhill Henrey 23
Hall                          Gledhill Henry 9
Hey Croft                 Gledhill Henry 10
Hind Hill                   Gledhill Israel 16
Stone Stile               Gledhill James 7m
Lane Side                Gledhill James 3
West Car                 Gledhill James 16
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hollin Hey                 Gledhill James 17
West Carr                Gledhill James 28
New Laith                 Gledhill James 30 Fancy Weaver
Stone Stile               Gledhill James 33 Fancy Weaver
Hollin Hey                Gledhill James 52 Farmer
Lane Side                Gledhill John 6
Hey Croft                 Gledhill John 7
New Laith                Gledhill John 8
Scarr                       Gledhill John 9
New Hey                 Gledhill John 10
West Car                Gledhill John 19
Hall                         Gledhill John 20
Croft House            Gledhill John 35 Fancy Weaver
Lane Side               Gledhill John 36 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
New Hey                 Gledhill John 38 Fancy Weaver
West Carr               Gledhill John 51 Fancy Weaver
Hey Croft                Gledhill John 54 Fancy Weaver
Upper Top               Gledhill Joseph 4m
Scarr                      Gledhill Joseph 4
Croft House            Gledhill Joseph 8
Upper Top               Gledhill Joseph 25 Fancy Weaver
West Car                Gledhill Joseph 26
Forest                     Gledhill Joseph 32 Stone Delver
Hind Hill                   Gledhill Joseph 40
Croft House             Gledhill Joseph 64 Fancy Weaver
Hey Croft                 Gledhill Lettiss 50
Great Field Head      Gledhill Levi 10
Hind Hill                    Gledhill Mary 11
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hey Croft                  Gledhill Mary 20
Hollin Hey                 Gledhill Mary 20
Hollin Hey                 Gledhill Mary 48
Hall                           Gledhill Maria 15
West Car                  Gledhill Maria 36
Hall                           Gledhill Maria 48
West Carr                 Gledhill Mariah 5
West Carr                 Gledhill Mary 5
Forest                       Gledhill Mary 8
Steelhouse                Gledhill Mary 11
Cold Acre                  Gledhill Mary 35
Lane Side                  Gledhill Mary 36
West Carr                  Gledhill Mary 38
New Hey                    Gledhill Mary Ann 3m
West Carr                  Gledhill Nathan 11
Cold Acre                   Gledhill Nathan 30
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hall                            Gledhill Richard 50 Fancy Weaver
Hollin Hey                  Gledhill Robert 11
Upper Top                  Gledhill Ruth 21
West Carr                  Gledhill Samuel 34 Fancy Weaver
Forest                        Gledhill Sarah 5
West Carr                  Gledhill Sarah 10
West Carr                  Gledhill Sarah 13
New Laith                   Gledhill Sarah 28
Cold Acre                    Gledhill Sarah 80 Farmer
Cold Light                    Gledhill Selina 12 
Carr Top                      Gledhill Sophia 18
Steelhouse                  Gledhill Susy 31
Scarr                           Gledhill Thomas 5
Scarr                           Gledhill Thomas 33 Fancy Weaver
West Car                     Gledhill Thomas 43 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Lane Side                    Gledhill William 1
Scarr                           Gledhill William 1
West Carr                    Gledhill William 2
West Carr                    Gledhill William 2
New Hey                      Gledhill William 3
Hollin Hey                    Gledhill William 5
Steelhouse                  Gledhill William 6
Carr Top                      Gledhill William 12
Great Field Head         Gledhill William 15 Agricultural Labourer
Carr Top                      Gledhill William 35 Fancy Weaver
West Carr                    Gledhill William 39 Fancy Weaver
Steelhouse                  Gledhill William 39 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Car Top                       Haigh Alice 20
Acre Head                   Haigh Allen 5
Acre Head                   Haigh Amos 16
Hall                              Haigh Charles 30 Fancy Weaver
Hall                              Haigh Elizabeth 15
Scarr Bottom               Haigh Elizabeth 18
Steelhouse                  Haigh Enoch 7
Steelhouse                  Haigh Hannah 3wks
Carr Top                      Haigh Hannah 2
Scarr Bottom               Haigh Hannah 20
Steelhouse                  Haigh Hannah 42
Scarr Bottom               Haigh Hannah 57
Croft House                 Haigh Hannah 65
Acre Head                   Haigh Harriet 13
Scarr Bottom               Haigh Humphrey 23
Steelhouse                  Haigh James 14
Scarr Bottom               Haigh James 51 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Acre Head                   Haigh Jane 11
Carr Top                     Haigh John 6m
Steelhouse                 Haigh John 3
New Hey                    Haigh John 12
Acre Head                 Haigh John 40 Fancy Weaver
Steelhouse                Haigh Joseph 10
Steelhouse                Haigh Joseph 38 Fancy Weaver
Steelhouse                Haigh Mary 12
Acre Head                 Haigh Mary 35
Steelhouse                Haigh Rebecca 4
Scar Bottom              Haigh Ruth 14
Carr Top                    Haigh Samuel 20 Fancy Weaver
Carr Top                    Haigh Sarah 3
New Hey                    Haigh Un-named 10wks
Croft House               Haigh William 68 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Lane End                   Hamer Ann 25
Hall                            Hamer Elizabeth 7
Wormald House         Hamer Harriet 22
Hall                            Hamer Henry 5
New Hey                    Hamer Henry 34 Fancy Weaver
Hall                            Hamer John 30 Fancy Weaver
Wormald House         Hamer John 60 Agricultural Labourer
Hall                            Hamer Marey 3
Hall                            Hamer Maria 1
Wormald House         Hamer Mary Ann 4
Hall                            Hamer Ruth 25
New Hey                   Hamer Sarah 39
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hind Hill                    Harison Ann 25
Hind Hill                    Harison Benjamin 4
Hind Hill                    Harison David 30 Fancy Weaver
Hind Hill                    Harison Edward 2m
Hind Hill                    Harison Eli 2
Hind Hill                    Harison Marey 6
Croft House              Harrison Hannah 24
Croft House              Harrison Henry 29 Fancy Weaver
Croft House              Harrison Marey 4
Croft House              Harrison Susannah 2
Croft House              Harrison William 1m
Wood                        Hay Elizabeth 10 
Green Slacks            Hey Alice 5
Green Slacks            Hey Benjamin 7
Great Field Head       Hey Easter 11
Great Field Head       Hey Frances 56
Green Slacks             Hey Hannah 26 
Green Slacks             Hey John 2
Great Field Head        Hey John 25 Fancy Weaver
Great Field Head        Hey John 60 Farmer
Great Field Head        Hey Joseph 18
Great Field Head        Hey Levi 20
Great Field Head        Hey Mary 3
Great Field Head        Hey Thomas 16 
Green Slacks             Hey William 29 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Chapel Hill                  Hirst Ann 25
Hey Croft                   Hirst Benjamin 25 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                    Hirst David 30 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                    Hirst Elijah 15 Fancy Weaver
Close                         Hirst Elizabeth 3m
Hanhead                    Hirst Elizabeth 28
Low Platt                   Hirst Elizha 3
Low Platt                   Hirst Ellin 1
Hanhead                    Hirst Emmah 1
Wood                        Hirst George 25
Hudson Croft             Hirst Grace 9 
Hanhead                   Hirst Grace 25
Hanhead                   Hirst Hannah 4
Chapel Hill                 Hirst Hannah 45
Chapel Hill                 Hirst Harriet 10m
Low Platt                   Hirst Harriet 25
Hanhead                    Hirst Henry 2
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hudson Croft              Hirst Henry 7
Hudson Croft              Hirst Henry 35 Fancy Weaver
Close                         Hirst Jacob 8
Chapel Hill                  Hirst James 50 Fancy Weaver
Hudson Croft              Hirst Jane 3
Close                         Hirst John 20 Fancy Weaver
Close                         Hirst John 21
Ryefield                     Hirst John 43
Low Platt                   Hirst Joseph 25 Fancy Weaver
Wood                        Hirst Joseph 35
Hanhead                   Hirst Joseph 60 Fancy Weaver
Chapel                      Hill Hirst Lovina 3
Delph Hill                  Hirst Luke 40
Wood                       Hirst Marey 35
Hudson Croft            Hirst Marey 35
Wood                       Hirst Marey Ann 10m
Hey Croft                  Hirst Martha 2
Hudson Croft            Hirst Martha 11
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                   Hirst Matty 55
Close                       Hirst Michael 18
Close                       Hirst Michael 59 Fancy Weaver
Close                       Hirst Nancy 20
Delph Hill                  Hirst Sarah 8
Chapel                     Hill Hirst Sarah 15
Hey Croft                 Hirst Sarah 30
Close                       Hirst Sarah 59
Delph Hill                  Hirst Sarah 71
Hanhead                  Hirst Susey 30
Close                       Hirst Thomas 12
Hudson Croft            Hirst William 
Hanhead                   Hirst William 25 Fancy Weaver
Wood                       Hirst William 65 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                   Hirst William 70 Farmer
Delph Hill                   Hirst William 73 Agricultural Labourer
Ryefield                    Hirst William 75
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Lane End                  Hollas Hannah 58
Lane End                  Hollas Zackariah 64 Farmer
Pole Chapel House     Holmes Ebenezer 7
Pole Chapel House     Holmes Elizabeth 14 - Born Lancs.
Pole Chapel House     Holmes Henry 45 Baptist Minister
Pole Chapel House     Holmes John 16 
Pole Chapel House     Holmes Marey 45 
Pole Chapel House     Holmes Martha 11
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Leyfield                      Hoyle Abraham 12
Leyfield                      Hoyle Adam 5
Leyfield                      Hoyle Elizabeth 23
Leyfield                      Hoyle Eve 2
Leyfield                      Hoyle George 7
Firth House Mill          Hoyle Harriet 35
Leyfield                      Hoyle Henry 4
Leyfield                      Hoyle James 9
Intake Hill                   Hoyle Job 29 Cotton Twister
Leyfield                      Hoyle Joseph 15
Leyfield                      Hoyle Marey 30
Leyfield                      Hoyle Martha 1
Firth House Mill          Hoyle Martha 55
Leyfield                      Hoyle Michael 35 Fancy Weaver
Firth House Mill          Hoyle Michael 50 Woollen 
Firth House Mill          Hoyle Nichael 3
Leyfield                      Hoyle Robert 50 Farmer
Intake Hill                   Hoyle Ruth 27
Firth House Mill          Hoyle Thomas 6
Leyfield                      Hoyle William 25 Fancy Weaver
Edgerton                    Hoyle William 52 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                    Leaver James 35 Fancy Weaver
Croft House               Longbottom Sarah 60 
Worts Hill                   Lumb Alice 8
Faring Laith                Lumb Alice 25
Hanhead                     Lumb Alice 37
Hey Croft                    Lumb Alice 50
Hanhead                     Lumb Ann 6
Hey Croft                    Lumb Ann 6
Cold Acre                    Lumb Ann 12
West Carr                   Lumb Ann 14
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
West Carr                   Lumb Ann 44
Hanhead                     Lumb Benjamin 12
Worts Hill                    Lumb Betty 40 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                     Lumb Caroline 4
Turner House              Lumb Edwin 6m
Cold Acre                    Lumb Elizabeth 4
Grove                         Lumb Elizabeth 18
Cold Acre                    Lumb Elizabeth 40
Hey Croft                    Lumb Elline 4
Grove                         Lumb Emma 6
Waring Laith               Lumb George 5m
West Carr                   Lumb George 12
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Worts Hill                    Lumb George 16
Turner House              Lumb George 25 Farmer
Waring Laith               Lumb George 26 Agricultural Labourer
Edgerton                     Lumb George 29 Fancy Weaver
West Carr                   Lumb George 46 Farmer
Hanhead                     Lumb George 61 Farmer
Hanhead                     Lumb Grace 1
Hanhead                     Lumb Grace 9
Hey Croft                    Lumb Grace 15
Hanhead                     Lumb Grace 34
Hey Croft                    Lumb Grace 35
Hanhead                     Lumb Grace 72
West Carr                   Lumb Hannah 10m
Waring Laith               Lumb Hannah 3
Cold Acre                    Lumb Hannah 7
Hey Croft                     Lumb Hannah 7
Hanhead                     Lumb Hannah 13
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Grove                         Lumb Hannah 15
Hanhead                     Lumb Horatio 1
Hey Croft                    Lumb John 12
Grove                         Lumb John 13
Cold Acre                    Lumb John 15
Hanhead                     Lumb John 16
West Carr                   Lumb John 16
Turner House              Lumb Leah 20
Heyy Croft                  Lumb Levi 20
Hanhead                     Lumb Levi 38 Fancy Weaver
Grove                         Lumb Levi 40 Publican (Grove Inn)
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Worts Hill                    Lumb Luke 8
Hey Croft                    Lumb Luke 20 Shoe Maker
Hey Croft                    Lumb Marey 9m
Hey Croft                    Lumb Marey 20
Hanhead                     Lumb Martha 4
Edgerton                     Lumb Martha 30
Waring Laith               Lumb Mary 2
Grove                         Lumb Mary 11
West Carr                   Lumb Mary 22
Grove                         Lumb Mary 37
West Carr                   Lumb Miles 24
Edgerton                     Lumb Nancy 6m
Hey Croft                    Lumb Robert 13
Hanhead                     Lumb Robert 17
Hey Croft                    Lumb Robert 50 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Grove                         Lumb Ruth 7
Upper Top Of Thil        Lumb Ruth 25
Grove                         Lumb Sarah 9
West Carr                   Lumb Sarah 9
Hanhead                     Lumb Thomas 6
Hey Croft                    Lumb Thomas 10
Grove                         Lumb Thomas 17
Hey Croft                    Lumb Thomas 18 Cartwright
West Carr                   Lumb Thomas 20
Hanhead                     Lumb Thomas 34 Fancy Weaver
West Carr                   Lumb William 5
Hanhead                     Lumb William 12
Hey Croft                    Lumb William 40 Farmer
Cold Acre                    Lumb William 40 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Brown Cow                 Marsden Alice 3
New Laith                   Marsden Benjamin 4
Brown Cow                Marsden Elizabeth 4
Lane Side                  Marsden Fanny 70 Farmer
New Laith                  Marsden Hannah 3
Brown Cow                Marsden Hannah 7
Brown Cow                Marsden Hannah 37
New Laith                  Marsden Humphrey 34 Agricultural Labourer
Lane Side                  Marsden Isaac 40
Brown Cow                Marsden James 9 
Brown Cow                Marsden James 36 Publican
Brown Cow                Marsden Joseph 6 
Brown Cow                Marsden Mary 14
New Laith                  Marsden Mary 32
Brown Cow                Marsden Sarah 11
Brown Cow                Marsden Sophia 1
Lane Side                  Marsden William 12
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Old House Mill           Mellor John 19 Labourer
Old House Mill           Mellor Martha 15
Broadlea                   Normanton Alise 11
Broadlea                   Normanton Ellin 35
Broadlea                   Normanton Luke 35 Fancy Weaver
Broadlea                   Normanton Marrey 7
O'cot                         Pearson Hannah 8 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                    Pearson John 8
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Thrumb Hall               Radcliffe Elizabeth 38
Thrumb Hall               Radcliffe James 13
Thrumb Hall               Radcliffe John 39 Shoe Maker
Thrumb Hall               Radcliffe Jonathan 12
Thrump Hall               Radcliffe Joseph 7
Thrumb Hall               Radcliffe Mary Ann 10
Steelhouse                Ramsden Amelia 3
Steelhouse                Ramsden Hannah 1
Steelhouse                Ramsden Hugh 4
Steelhouse                Ramsden John 27 Shoe Maker
Steelhouse                Ramsden Nancy 27
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Spring Head               Roebuck Jerry 21
Spring Head               Roebuck Joseph 45 Fancy Weaver
Spring Head               Roebuck Marth 44
Old House                  Rothwell Ann 26
Old House                  Rothwell Elkanah 27 Fancy Weaver
Old House                  Rothwell John 3
Acre Head                  Schofield Benjamin 34 Fancy Weaver
Haysey Hill                 Schofield Edward 8 
Stone Stile                 Schofield Edward 8
Stone Stile                 Schofield Elizabeth 2
Lane Head                 Schofield Elizabeth 3
Acre Head                  Schofield Elizabeth 23
Acre Head                  Schofield Elizabeth 37
Stone Stile                 Schofield Elizabeth 37
Hanhead                    Schofield Ellen 4
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Acre Head                 Schofield Emma 6m
Lane Head                Schofield Hannah 16
Hanhead                   Schofield Hannah 30
Stone Stile                Schofield Henrey 6
Stone Stile                Schofield Isreal 4
Lane Head                Schofield James 13
Hanhead                   Schofield Jane 2
Stone Stile                Schofield John 10
Acre Head                 Schofield John 13
Lane Head                Schofield John 18
Hanhead                   Schofield John 35 Fancy Weaver
Lane Head                Schofield John 48 Agricultural Labourer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Stone Stile               Schofield Joseph 12
Stone Stile               Schofield Joseph 30
Acre Head                Schofield Joshua 68 Agricultural Labourer
Lane Head                Schofield Mary 6
Acre Head                 Schofield Mary 7
Lane Head                Schofield Mary 41
Acre Head                 Schofield Mary Ann 2
Acre Head                 Schofield Sarah 10
Lane Head                Schofield Sarah 10
Stone Stile                Schofield Sarah 18
Stone Stile                Schofield Selina 14
Stone Stile                Schofield Un-named 4 Days
Hanhead                   Schofield Violet 7
Stone Stile                Schofield William 16
Acre Head                 Schofield William 41 Fancy Weaver
Stone Stile                Schofield William 73 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Acre Head                 Shaw Adam 10 weeks
Hey Hill                      Shaw Ann 2 
Acre Head                 Shaw Benjamin 5
Upper Top Of Hil        Shaw Betty 30
15 8 31 Hey Hill         Shaw Betty 55
Acre Head                 Shaw John 38 Fancy Weaver
Hey Hill                      Shaw Joseph 20 
Hey Hill                      Shaw Joseph 55 Woollen Cloth Weaver
Acre Head                  Shaw Joshua 11
Acre Head                  Shaw Leah 39
Hey Hill                       Shaw Marey 22
Upper Top Of Hil         Shaw Mary 27
Upper Top Of Hil         Shaw Sally 59
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Acre Head                  Shaw Sarah 7
Acre Head                  Shaw Squire 3
Upper Top Of Hil         Shaw Thomas 5
Croft House                Shaw Thomas 35 Fancy Weaver
Upper Top Of Hil         Shaw Thomas 60 Agricultural Labourer
Spring Head               Smith Mary 15 (18) ne Broadbent.
Great Field Head        Stott John 72
O'cot                          Sugden John 15
O'cot                          Sugden Mary 45
Hudson Croft              Sykes Alice 7
High House                Sykes Alice 17
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Broadlea                    Sykes Alise 7m
Turner House            Sykes Alise 23
New Hey                   Sykes Allen 15
Lower Top Of Hil       Sykes Amelia 3
Scarr                        Sykes Ammon 11
Upper Top                Sykes Ann 2
Scar Bottom             Sykes Ann 13
Turner House           Sykes Ann 25
Hardenby                 Sykes Benjamin 9
Scarr                       Sykes Benjamin 13
Stawpes                  Sykes Benjamin 15
Delph Hill                 Sykes Benjamin 20 
West Carr               Sykes Benjamin 21 Fancy Weaver
Lower Top Of Hil     Sykes Benjamin 35 Fancy Weaver
Scarr                       Sykes Benjamin 50 Agricultural Labourer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hole Bottom            Sykes Benjamin 62 Agricultural Labourer
Upper Top               Sykes Betty 22 
Broadlea                 Sykes Betty 28
Hole Bottom            Sykes Betty 50
Turner House          Sykes Betty 50
Upper Top               Sykes Betty 62
Hanhead                 Sykes David 2
Nest                        Sykes David 31
Mount Pleasant       Sykes Debraah 4
Mount Pleasant       Sykes Edmund 16
West Carr               Sykes Edward 9m
Hudson Croft           Sykes Edward 30 Fancy Weaver
High House              Sykes Edward 50 Shop Keeper
Mount Pleasant        Sykes Eli 1 
West Carr                Sykes Eliza 11
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Close                       Sykes Elizabeth 4
Delph Hill                  Sykes Elizabeth 9 
Upper Top                Sykes Elizabeth 10 
Mount Pleasant        Sykes Elizabeth 26 
New Hey                  Sykes Elizabeth 35
Scarr                       Sykes Ellen 6 
Scar Bottom            Sykes Fanney 10
Old House               Sykes George 3
Close                      Sykes George 9 
Nest                        Sykes George 74 Farmer
Old House               Sykes Grace 24 
Upper Top               Sykes Hannah 8m
Turner House          Sykes Hannah 3
Close                      Sykes Hannah 7
Hey                         Sykes Hannah 9
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
New Hey                   Sykes Hannah 10 
Mount Pleasant        Sykes Hannah 10
Hole Bottom             Sykes Hannah 12 
Delph Hill                  Sykes Hannah 15
Hardenby                  Sykes Hannah 15
Scar Bottom             Sykes Hannah 45
New Hey                  Sykes Hannah 63 Farmer
New Hey                  Sykes Harriet 14
West Carr                Sykes Harriet 20
New Hey                  Sykes Harriet 21
West Carr                Sykes Harriet 44 Farmer
 West Carr               Sykes Henrey 3 
Scarr                        Sykes Henrey 9 
Lower Top Of Hil      Sykes Henry 10
Hole Bottom             Sykes Henry 17
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Leyfield                    Sykes Henry 27
Stawpes                   Sykes Humphrey 18
Leyfield                    Sykes Israel 16 Woollen Piecer
Ryefield                   Sykes James N.K Manufacturer
Hardenby                 Sykes James 5
Hardenby                 Sykes James 37 Fancy Weaver
Nest                        Sykes James 38 
Leyfield                   Sykes Job 21 
Old House               Sykes John 11 weeks
Nest                        Sykes John 1
New Hey                 Sykes John 
Lower Top Of Hil      Sykes John 8 
Stawpes                  Sykes John 9 
Delph Hill                 Sykes John 12 
Stawpes                  Sykes John 22 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hanhead                  Sykes John 26 Fancy Weaver 
Close                       Sykes John 33 Fancy Weaver
New Hey                  Sykes John 39 Fancy Weaver
Scar Bottom             Sykes John 42 Fancy Weaver
Delph Hill                  Sykes John 48 Agricultural Labourer
Mount Pleasant        Sykes John 52 Fancy Weaver
Turner House           Sykes John 55 Fancy Weaver
Stawpes                   Sykes John 57 Farmer
Hudson Croft            Sykes Jonathan 5
Scar Bottom              Sykes Joseph 7
Turner House            Sykes Joseph 12
Delph Hill                   Sykes Joseph 18
Upper Top                 Sykes Joseph 27 Fancy Weaver
Broadlea                   Sykes Joseph 29 
Upper Top                 Sykes Joseph 65 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hey                           Sykes Levi 40 Fancy Weaver
Mount Pleasant         Sykes Lidia 6
Scar Bottom              Sykes Lowesa 16 
Nest                          Sykes Marey 7
High House                Sykes Marey 10 
Turner House             Sykes Marey 20
Leyfield                      Sykes Marey 20
Hardenby                   Sykes Marey 36
Hanhead                    Sykes Marey 36
High House                Sykes Marey 40 
Leyfield                      Sykes Marey 50 Fancy Weaver
Hardenby                    Sykes Marey Ann 1 
Broadlea                    Sykes Marey Ann 4 
Hardenby                   Sykes Mariah 13
Mount Pleasant          Sykes Marth 40
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Old House                  Sykes Martha 27 Farmer
Delph Hill                    Sykes Martha 45
Nest                           Sykes Martha 70 
Scar Bottom               Sykes Mary 5
Lower Top Of Hil        Sykes Mary 7
West Car                   Sykes Mary 16 
Scarr                          Sykes Mary 17 
Mount Pleasant          Sykes Mary 21
Stawpes                     Sykes Mary 56 
Stawpes                     Sykes Mary Ann 5 
Delph Hill                    Sykes Nancy 4
Lower Top Of Hil         Sykes Nathan 
High House                 Sykes Robert 6 
High House                 Sykes Ruth 15
Delph Hill                     Sykes Saley 7 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hey                             Sykes Samuel 7 
Old House                   Sykes Sarah 1
New Hey                     Sykes Sarah 7 
Hole Bottom                Sykes Sarah 8 
Scarr                           Sykes Sarah 15 
Hey                             Sykes Sarah 42 
Hardenby                     Sykes Sarrah 7 
West Car                     Sykes Selina 9
Scarr                           Sykes Sidney 24 
New Hey                      Sykes Sophia 3 
West Carr                    Sykes Sophia 14 
High House                  Sykes Sophia 20 
New Hey                      Sykes William 5 
Old House                    Sykes William 6
Turner House               Sykes William 6 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hey                              Sykes William 12 
High House                  Sykes William 13 
Leyfield                        Sykes William 14 
Turner House               Sykes William 15 Woollen Carder
Scar Bottom                 Sykes William 15 
New Hey                      Sykes William 24 
Spring Royd                 Taylor Ann 16
Spring Royd                 Taylor Elizabeth 14 
O'cot                            Taylor Ellen 45
O'cot                            Taylor John 10 
Spring Royd                 Taylor John 19 
O'cot                            Taylor John 50 Fancy Weaver
Spring Royd                 Taylor Marey 42
O'cot                            Taylor Mary 12
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
O'cot                            Taylor Sarah 16 
Spring Royd                 Taylor Thomas 11
Spring Royd                 Taylor Thomas 42 Fancy Weaver
Spring Royd                 Taylor William 9
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber Benjamin 2
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber Hannah 7 
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber Henrey 5 
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber John 14 
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber Joseph 9 
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber Sally 41
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber William 11 
Lower Top Of Hil           Thornber William 42 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Edgerton                       Tweed Benjamin 5
Edgerton                       Tweed Elizabeth 6 
Edgerton                       Tweed Hannah 3 
Edgerton                       Tweed Hannah 8 
Leyfield                         Tweed Hannah 13 
Leyfield                         Tweed John 9 
Leyfield                         Tweed John 35 Farmer
Edgerton                       Tweed Joseph 1 
Leyfield                         Tweed Joseph 11 
Leyfield                         Tweed Marey 4
Edgerton                       Tweed Marey 4 
Edgerton                       Tweed Marey 27
Leyfield                         Tweed Meriah 2 
Leyfield                         Tweed Samuel 6
Edgerton                        Tweed Samuel 29 Farmer
Leyfield                         Tweed Susey 35
Edgerton                       Tweed William 7 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Upper Royal George      Walker Charlotte 30 
Upper Royal George      Walker John 50
Upper Royal George      Walker Sarah 50
Hard End             Webster Abraham 10 
Hard End            Webster Benjamin 8
Hard End            Webster Edwin 6 
Hard End            Webster John 4 
Hard End            Webster John 45 Fancy Weaver 
Hard End            Webster Jonathan 43 Fancy Weaver
Hard End            Webster Marey 10 months
Hard End            Webster Marey 34
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Close                    Wheelright Ann 20
Close                    Wheelright Eli 15 Fancy Weaver
Close                    Wheelright Eli 64 Fancy Weaver
Edgerton               Wheelright Elizabeth 15
Turner House        Wheelright George 12
Close                    Wheelright John 5
Edgerton               Wheelright Marey Ann 13
Close                    Wheelright Samuel 30 
Close                    Wheelright William 25 
Hanhead               Wheelright William 55 Fancy Weaver 
Scarr                     Wheelwright Thomas 26 Agricultural Labourer
Scarr                     Wheelwright William Binns 22 Fancy Weaver
Intake                     Whiteley Alice 2
Intake                     Whiteley Betty 12 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Delight                    Whiteley Elizabeth 31
Intake                     Whiteley George 40 Cotton Warper
Intake                     Whiteley Grace 6 
Delight                    Whiteley Hannah 3
Intake                     Whiteley Hannah 4
Intake                     Whiteley Hannah 32 
Delight                    Whiteley John 5
Intake                     Whiteley John 8
Delight                   Whiteley Joseph 9 
Delight                   Whiteley Mary 8 
Intake                    Whiteley Mary Ann 10 
Delight                   Whiteley Sarah  ann 11 months
Intake                    Whiteley William 14
Delight                   Whiteley William 35 Fancy Weaver
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Ann 44
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Charles 15
Acre Head              Wilkinson Edmund 33 Fancy Weaver
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Elizabeth 8
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Ellen 6 
Acre Head              Wilkinson Hannah 7
Acre Head              Wilkinson Hannah 78
Acre Head              Wilkinson John 30 Fancy Weaver
Acre Head              Wilkinson Mary 23 Fancy Weaver
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Samuel 20 
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Sarah 12
Upper Mill               Wilkinson Thomas 45 Manufacturer
Acre Head              Wilkinson William 3
Upper Mill               Wilkinson William 17 Shop Man 
Abode, Surname, Firstname, Age, Occupation
Hard End                Wood Charles 20 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                 Wood Edwin 2 
Hanhead                 Wood Emma 5 
Hanhead                 Wood Humphrey 29 Fancy Weaver
Hanhead                 Wood Priscilla 27 - YKS 1276/6

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