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Scammonden - Pole Moor Chapel

Scammonden - Records MAIN PAGE

Pole Moor Baptist chapel started its life in 1790, although there was a previous chapel on the site (Haughs chapel from c.1703 to 1783). The early years for Pole Moor Chapel are to me the most interesting and fascinating, to the history and the people who went to the chapel before 1800. There were many families involved in the early years of the chapel, to include the first trustees... Miachel Hoyle, Elias Cock, Abraham Taylor, Thomas Sykes, John Hirst, Joseph Garside, Abraham Hirst, James Hirst, Joseph Sykes, Benjamin Bailey, Joseph Balmforth and Benjamin Walker. The rest of the chapel history is well documented in the very good book "TABERNACLE ON THE HILL" by Andrea Crawshaw and the late Marjorie Wilkinson. A question arises! What about the poor sods the GRAVE DIGGERS! ....Up to this point of time.. the people who knew the old time grave diggers are long dead themselves, and the history of the grave diggers lost in time. Who were these people? Well before 1915 little was known about the grave diggers.... a Whitwam chap was the grave digger in 1915 after Eric Broadbent went to war in France. Then there is a large gap! The gap is filled with Broadbents, then Benjamin Hirst filled the position in 1852, and a James Mellor of Launds bought the grave digging business of the Broadbent family in 1825/6. The history goes on and on......

Scammonden Burials - Pole Moor Chapel

Pole Moor chapel burials and dedications were originally transcribed by myself Robert Broadbent in the early 1990's after the closure of the chapel. After completing the transcribing i put the mound of papers to one side and over a period of time i forgot what i had done! Recently over the last few years with one thing and another, i thought recently..after a very succesful POLE MOOR CHAPEL BURIAL PROJECT OPEN DAY... that i should put the whole lot of transcriptions on the internet!! and HELP PEOPLE LOOKING FOR THERE ANCESTORS UP HERE!! The latest addition to the Pole Moor Burial collection is the "BROADBENT BURIAL BOOKS 1783 to 1836"... After some thought i thought SOD it... i will share with people! Enjoy!! ....

NB. The burial transcriptions list the Date of Burial, Forename and Surname, Proffesion if applicable, Age, Abode and Parish. The grave plot details have been removed. If you would like the grave details ie. location) please enquire either by email (broadbentworts@aol.com) or telephone (01484 645961) to Launds Inn museum.

In General, without exception the burials and dedications may not be complete. So the listings are A GUIDE ONLY. As with any family research the main source of checking is the LIBRARY So double check!!!!!


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