Golcar, Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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Part-Private Deed originally written in 1637 and re-written in c.1800


This indenture dated? The 3rd of June AD 1637,I hereby Jacobi of Launds one part and John of Worts in the parish? Of both Brodents in Huddersfield? Of York.. Witnessth that for in cousins of the sum of 58 shillings of lawful ? in England the said Jaco in .. paid by John .. of these present to the hereby acknowledge the said Jac .. bargained and sold by these present Doth bargain and sell to the said Jno all that mesugae, d houses(drink houses) and now used as public houses called or known by the names of.. Blue Ball situate in Norland Fleese Tohn Lee Marsden Diggle Inn (Saddleworth) Gres Green Edge Longwood Dog and Par Sowed (Sowood) Laus Goka

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