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The Broadbent Deeds of Launds

When living in an old property with sloping floors, low ceilings, quirky mullions, and un-even walls, now and again you may wonder what is the history of the place? Who lived there? How old is the property? Are there any old stories for the property? All those questions have entered my mind. Some or most have been answered but, I wondered if there were any more deeds other than those in the Broadbent family? So in 2003 I wrote to my solicitor asking them if there were any further deeds or documents for the current part of Launds I live in or any of the other cottages? Time passed, months passed, a year went past, another year, two years, four years, and finally in the summer of 2008 I had a reply letter with a bundle of copied documents and deeds. In the parcel was an inventory list of all the deeds for the old Launds Farm including wills and letters, one dating from the mid 1300ís of which the Broadbent family had already got! On further inspection and research, most of the deeds were not registered at Wakefield. Many of the deeds included the Broadbent family, so land, buildings were passed on Father to son, and administration activities would be kept to a minimum. Below are samples of deeds, century to century.

1968 Deed - John Broadbent and Helen Varley

1926 Deed - Eric Broadbent and Ben Broadbent

Will of John Broadbent 1821

Private Deed of Jacobi Broadbent

Document of Monies owed 1779

Part Will of Abraham Hall 1737

Part Assizers Court Case 1686

Private restored Will of Richard Brodbent 1569

Private Broadbent Manuscripts c.1450

Private Will of Robtus Bradent of Lauds 1356

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