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Dean Head Chapel Brief History....

1615 to Present

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In 1615 it was decided that a church should be built on the site of the present church at Cruxhill,

A Latin deed of 1615 translated reads:-


To all the faithful in Christ to whom this present writing is made known.

William Robinson of Deanhead in the manor of Quarmby, and James Robinson his son.

Know ye that we the aforsaid, will the intention that a chapel or suitable house of prayer may

be erected within the limits of Deanhead, Scammonden and other adjacent places in which

chapel prayers and preaching and Divine Service may be solemnised to God according to the

rites of the Church of England. Have given granted and by this present writing confirmed to:


Edward Firth of Marsden

John Firth of Firth House

Edmund Dyson

Edward Denton

Anthony Hoile of Broad Lea

Thomas Crossley of Deanhead

Thomas Denton Jnr

George Walker

Richard Bottomley of Reynold

William Denton of Scammonden


The first chapel was probably a timber structure of wood and plaster. The only

relics remaining are two stones, which were later incorporated into the porch of

today's church, which is the third on this site. They were probably headstones over doorways and they read:





Below the stones you can see I and B and below the bottom stone 1615 T.D. lt was dedicated to St Bartholomew.


The first curate of Dean Head chapel was a local man Jacobi Broadhead (Broadbent)... This being recently found in a

sermon book of the chapel amo. 1615/16.....Including some other part time clergy man....


The second was Rev. Ralp Walkde (Walker or Walkden). Hearrived in1637 when his son Roger was born.

He was followed by Rev. Richard Heyhurst whose wife died on August 22nd 1641. On March 3rd 1662 Rev. Wm. Ingham was

appointed on the same day that he married Susan Hey. On December 21st he was ordained Deacon. The next Deacon,

Rev, Richard Robinson was ordained by the Bishop of Exeter in 1667.


A new deacon, Rev. John Smith who was formerly a lecturer at Bolton Parish Church. He came over the moors into Yorkshire,

where he noticed the little chapel at Scammonden and discovered the living vacant.


Rev. Abraham Woodhead of Netherthong was the next to hold the living but only for three years. He resigned in 1701.

Rev. William Sunderland succeeded him on December 2nd 1701 to be followed by Rev. John Sutcliffe on

September 24th 1720. Rev. Edward Moorehouse, SA., was ordained Deacon on April 4th 1722 but it was six years later

on July 12th 1728 before he was licensed to preach. He died on September 23rd 1746. That same year

Rev. Thomas Falcon was presented to the ministry by Vicar Danby and remained there for 45 years.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Baron of Firth House and lived at White Lee.


In 1748 six weddings were solemnized by licence but on October 22nd 1752 an insert in the register states that:


"whilst the marriage act continues in force, in all probability there will never be any more weddings celebrated

in the chapel at Deanhead, so I will bid farewell to them."


In 1792, Rev. John Ramsden LLB was appointed an assistant curate at Dean Head. Rev. Wiliiam Horton, at a

stipend of 30 per year. Shortly afterwards he appointed another assistant, Rev Thomas Falcon BA of

Sidney Sussex College, at a salary of 35 per year. He was the son of the former Rev Thomas Falcon.


When Mr Ramsden resigned in 1807, his assistant Rev. Falcon looked forward to filling the post.

But to his great disappointment Rev Ralph Younger was appointed. Mr Younger had for several years been

a teacher at Goat House, Rishworth. Shortly after his arrival, the church fabric began to show strain of nearly

200 years of Pennine weather and the church was condemned. Mr Younger called his parishioners together

and put a proposition to them. His suggestion was to pull down the church and build a completely new one.

He got the people to make promises in writing that they would do the manual work themselves according to

their skill and ability.


The new church was opened at the end of 1812.


Rev. Younger had a succession of assistant curates:

1837 Rev. Joseph Wood 1840 Rev. Samuel Sykes

1844 Rev. l.Coward 1848 Rev. John Harris

1849 Rev. A.J.M. Causland 1851 Rev. Thomas Beaston

1852 Rev. E.C.P.Sauley MA 1856 Rev. E.G. Charlesworth


On November 27th 1856 Rev. Younger was buried in the churchyard.


Next was..Rev, Stephen Pering Lampen, PhD, had been curate at Siaithwaite from 1851 to 1856 when he was offered the

living at St Bartholomew's Church, Scammonden.

In 1866, Rev. Lampen left Scammonden. He was succeeded by Rev. Henry Collins MA He had been educated at St John's College,

Cambridge and was the 24th wrangler of his year. Before coming to Deanhead he was curate at Calverley with Bolton from 1861-65.

On September 14th 1904, a church council was set up It comprised:


Ammon Sykes of Hudson Croft

Robinson Lumb of Haugh Top

Fred Sykes of Spring Grove Cottages

Henry Berry of Hill Top

William Baker of Great Field House

Walker Lumb of Turner House

Ezra Armitage of Goat Hill

Fred and Wright Gledhill of Banquet House.


Rev, Collins remained at St Bartholomew's for 48 years. He was born in 1865 and stayed at Deanhead until 1913.

He died on August 4th 1921 at Ottery St Mary in Devon.


The war years of 1914 to 1918 were not documented..........................


In 1934 Rev. J.C.Harding came to Dean Head.


In the 1960's the M62 arrived. Much of the old Scammonden went with the reservoir and the motorway... But Dean Head chapel


survived... and still remain to this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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